Friday, August 8, 2008


Each year when getting Kaylea ready to start back to school, I just shake my head in wonder at the rules that have been set forth by the Sevier County Schools. The one that really gets me is the requirement of all students to carry clear or mesh backpacks to school. I know many of you might think that this is a good rule because it prevents students from carrying drugs, weapons, and all other types of harmful things to school. Well, this is my beef with the rule.

One of all (as Kaylea would say), is this rule necessary in Primary school? I haven't heard of too many kindergartners packin' heat.

Second, why does the rule fly out the window if the parents choose to buy their little kindergartners the cute canvas bookbag that is sold by the parent support group? Does the school treat their canvas bags with some type of special agent that will dissolve the bookbag if anything harmful were to be carried in it? I think not!

Third, if the school is trying to remain safe and secure, why aren't the students required to carry acrylic instrument cases. If you ask me, little Johnny could get Daddy's shotgun into his trombone case a whole lot easier than into his backpack. I'm just sayin'.

Fourth, why are students allowed to bring their lunch to school? I'm quite sure all sorts of weapons could be concealed inside a Hannah Montana lunchbox.

I guess my gripe is the inconsistency of the policy. If the school system wants to protect our children, which they should, then they need to examine all of their policies and evaluate all possibilities. Make changes that will really have an affect on the behavior they are trying to deter. Until such time comes, I guess I will just be leery of all the lunchbox totin' - trombone playin' - bookbag carryin' kindergarteners.


overtly trite said...

you can't make much of a statement with a clear backpack now can you.
This is just another example of good ideas run amok, this will not make anyone safer just in the same way taking your shoes off at an airport does not make you safer

Jennilu said...

You are right about the fashion statement aspect, but we did find a cute little Jansport Mesh Messenger Bag - take a look.

This is the best we have found so far.

Angie said...

Wow. I love this. TKA doesn't have quite those standards on backpacks. . . but get me started on cargo shorts vs. uniform shorts.


Christina said...

Guess every state/county/district has their IN book fees...outrageous...getting to pay (on top of our taxes) to send my girls to public school...come on..

Angie said...

Hey girl, tagged you in a little meme on my blog! ;)