Monday, March 23, 2009

SOOOO - Here we sit

This went up 2 months ago............

........and nothing! Come on people, it really is a nice house at a really good price in a very quiet subdivision with an ok view of the mountains. SOOOOO, what's the problem????


  1. To the first couple that came and took a looksee, we DO have a view of the mountains. If I could plow down the house across the street so that the view wasn't obstructed, I would. But come on, these are mountains we are talking about here. They are kinda BIG and it's not like you can't see them at all. Anyway, I don't think bulldozing Ms. Eva's house would be very neighborly.
  2. To the second couple that came and took a looksee, why were you looking at houses in a subdivision if you didn't want neighbors behind you? Just asking......
  3. To the third couple that came and took a looksee, I am really glad you liked the house. Hopefully, we are somewhere at the top of your massive list of home tours.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Another Kindergaten Cutie

Two little boys (caucasian - I must add - so you can really see the humor in the story) were playing and talking in their Kindergarten class. The following conversation was overheard,

Boy #1 - When I grow up I want to be Chinese.

Boy #2 - Why?

Boy #1 - So I can own a Chinese restaurant and eat the food anytime I want.

Boy #2 - You can't be Chinese when you grow up; you don't know how to speak Spanish!

Hee Hee