Sunday, July 13, 2008

Date Night in the Old City

Last night Bub and I had another one of our "Date Nights". These are always so nice. We actually get to spend a few hours alone and have dinner where WE want to and have an uninterrupted adult conversation. We were kinda late getting started, it was 7:00 when we left the house. WOW, I can't believe that I just said that. Back in the day, we wouldn't even think about going out until at least 9 or 10. Anyway, we had the usual discussion about where we would go. Bub saying, "I don't care." And me saying, "It doesn't matter." Finally, Bub came up with an idea and just started driving. He does this sometimes; I never can tell where the car will stop. Honestly, I really like the surprise of it all.

Well, last night he drove down to the Old City. After parking the car, we just walked the street trying to decide where to eat. I will admit, there aren't that many choices down there anymore; so with our limited selections, we decided on Patrick Sullivan's. When we went into the restaurant, there were several people seated at tables and the bar, but it was not overly crowded. Our meal was very good. Actually, I was quite surprised. I had a French Dip sandwich and the roast beef actually melted in my mouth. I, also, had the Creamed Spinach as a side; it was as good as any I have ever had. Bub tried the Prime Rib sandwich and he said his was excellent, as well. He didn't get too adventurous with his side, just had the steak fries. Though they were the traditional choice, their rosemary seasoning made them better than the norm.

It is sad that the Old City isn't the wild and crazy street party that is was back in the 90's, but it is still a nice area to go to for dinner. (Heck, I guess if it was still a crazy street party, old farts like Bub and I wouldn't go near the place). As we were leaving the restaurant around 9:30ish, the streets were getting a little more crowded. It would be nice if that area of downtown could experience a rebirth like Market Square. Let's go back to the days of the funky little eclectic shops, the art galleries, the outdoor dining, and coffee and dessert at Java or JFG. Those were the days! Actually, those were the date nights that Bub and I had when we were actually dating. Long before marriage, family, mortgages, etc. What a great place to go back to last night! Thanks Bub, for taking me on a trip down memory lane!


Angie said...

We've always wanted to try the Melting Pot in the Old City. I hear it's expensive. . .but tasty.

And, of course. . .Magpies is right there. :)

Angie said...

You just have to know how much you made my day today.

Seriously. Phenomenal!